Careful Who You Choose To Build Your Cell Tower Foundation

The foundation of a cell tower needs to be just as strong as the foundation of a commercial high-rise. The foundation must be built right or it won't support the cell tower. Poorly designed or constructed foundations will be at the risk of collapse. And that is a destructive and dangerous situation for the community. With the competition for communications towers on the rise, it can be tempting to go ahead and build before obtaining the proper construction permits. It is not uncommon for cell towers to be constructed without permitting or before applying for them. In fact, in the 1990's, some major cell towers had to be decommissioned because they were never permitted. Even if there are no authorities involved or permits required, the cell tower can be at risk of collapsing when the construction contractors take shortcuts with building the foundation. Unfortunately, the area that causes the risk is underground and not visible. Cell tower owners have also discovered that the foundation was constructed too small or not as required by the design drawings. And there are times when the foundation is constructed as if it were built on stable soil when it isn't. The stability of the existing soil must be taken into consideration. Another problem that can crop up is when the cell tower foundation is built in sub-freezing temperatures. This can result in extremely low concrete strength due to soil settling. This issue can be designed around if the foundation of the cell tower needs to be constructed during the winter but you cannot build it as you normally would.

Choose An Experience Concrete Contractor

It pays to hire an experienced concrete contractor who has previous skill in building foundations for cell towers. In Virginia, you can count on SJW Concrete for quality work. We have the equipment, the skilled crew, and the know-how to build concrete foundations right no matter what type of commercial or industrial application it will be used for.



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