Wheelchair Ramps - A Great Advantage For Wheelchair Users

For wheelchair users, a common issue is climbing platforms and steps while being seated in the wheelchair. At your Norfolk home, a concrete ramp made at the entrance of your business is sufficient. But when you want to step inside or outside of your car or when you are in another building, you will have to face some problems. An alternative option is to carry a portable ramp which can be placed at varying heights including steps, along which your wheelchair can be moved upwards and downwards easily.

Wheelchair ramps can be permanent, semi-permanent or portable. Constructing a ramp using concrete is ideal for permanent Norfolk handicap ramp access needs. Special care should be taken on deciding the level of inclination that should be given to these concrete ramps. A steep ramp is difficult to climb and poses the threat of wheelchair being tipped backwards. The accepted inclination level is 1:12 (i.e., for every 1 m height, the length of the ramp should be 12 m).

For portable ramps, the main concerns include the material used for the construction of the ramp, how durable the material is, and how much weight it can bear without deformation. Commonly used materials include aluminum, steel and wood. For apartments and hospitals deciding to put up a wheelchair ramp, the factors to be considered are the different types of wheelchairs with varying width between the wheels and having different weight capacities. The ramp should be able to accommodate both small and big wheelchairs and have a good load bearing capacity.

Specifically designed ramps for vehicle entry are also available. Both permanent and temporary models can be bought. Customized vehicle ramps can be built to suit to the vehicle you are using.

With a number of Norfolk concrete companies offering a wide range of wheelchair ramps, the best option is to check various ramps to find one which matches with your wheelchair. The lighter the ramp, the easier it is to carry. The trial and error method of checking different types of ramps will eventually get you the right ramp suited to your needs.

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