Hiring a Concrete Contractor for Your Sandblasting Needs


Fredericksburg concrete contractors use the sandblasting method to strip concrete surfaces of paint, residue, stains, and graffiti, and they also use it to clean machinery and remove rust. Sandblasting involves shooting solid particles, usually sand, across concrete at a rapid speed, a process which gives the concrete a smooth finish, and it can be used on both small and large surfaces. Known for being cost effective, sandblasting is often used to prep a surface for painting and to restore commercial and residential properties to their original condition.

Benefits of Sandblasting

  • Uncomplicated Technique – Sandblasting is not a complex process. Concrete contractors need only an air compressor and a sandblasting gun with an air hose and a hopper. Sandblasting specialists place a tarp underneath the work area so that cleanup is fast. Some sandblasting jobs last only minutes.
  • Safe Procedure – The materials used in sandblasting, such as sodium bicarbonate, are not harmful if they are touched or inhaled. They are not dangerous to the environment or to people, so they can be disposed of without extreme care.
  • Rust Elimination – Sandblasting is effective on not only concrete but also metal surfaces. Because of the immense damage rust can cause on metal buildings and equipment, regular maintenance and sandblasting play a big role in prolonging the lives of these objects. If rust is left unchecked, it can lead to an equipment complication, which could be hazardous.
  • Satisfactory Results – Sandblasting is simple and effective, requiring only a brief amount of time. It removes everything that is disrupting a concrete or metal object's appearance and repairs rust damage on metal buildings and equipment.

If you have a concrete or metal surface that requires maintenance, consider sandblasting services from an experienced Fredericksburg concrete contractor like SJW Concrete.

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