How to Maintain Your Commercial Stamped Concrete

How to Maintain Your Commercial Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a very popular option to beautify a commercial property in Virginia – we should know because we're a concrete contractor who installs a ton of it! If you've recently installed stamped concrete for the sidewalks, driveways, stairs, or entryways of your business, maintaining it right will preserve your investment.

This outdoor surface may be highly versatile and attractive but maintaining it wrong or neglecting it can damage it. Knowing what to do and what not to do in terms of maintenance will ensure it lasts and looks great for as long as possible.

Learn what you need to know about how to maintain commercial stamped concrete with the following tips from our Virginia concrete pros.

Keep the debris off the stamped concrete

Keep the debris off your commercial stamped concrete. Rotting organic matter will first damage the sealant which was applied to the top of your stamped concrete and then the surface underneath. Plus, a commercial sidewalk or entryway of any kind should always look neat and tidy so that it maintains the reputation of your business well.

Whether you hire someone to keep the debris off your stamped concrete surfaces or you do it yourself, be sure to get this maintenance done!

Wash the surface regularly using these cleaning techniques

Don't use chemical cleansers on your stamped concrete. Chemical cleansers will damage your commercial stamped concrete surface. Low water pressure and a low-sudsing soap like laundry soap can be used to clean your sidewalks and other stamped concrete surfaces.

You can also use a house wash product which contains a biocide to kill mold, mildew, and algae. If a little scrubbing is necessary, use a non-abrasive scrubbing brush or broom on the stains.

Keep the snow and ice removed from the stamped concrete

When it snows in Virginia, you'll be removing snow and ice from your commercial property for customer and employee safety and accessibility to your business. Another important reason to keep up with the snow and ice removal is to prevent damage to the stamped concrete surface.

Just a regular concrete surface can get damaged from expansion and contraction as the snow and ice melt, so remove it quickly.

Don't let your ice removal professional treat your stamped concrete with salt or anything other than products which are safe for the material and make sure they use a plastic shovel to remove the snow. Use a non-toxic ice melter such as Safe Paw. Sweeping the light snow away as it falls is the best way to keep the surface from icing.

Reseal the stamped concrete when it's time

Part of maintaining your commercial stamped concrete is to reseal the surface when it's time. The sealant which was applied during the installation will only last for a limited time. It must be replaced because it protects the stamped concrete underneath from water damage and sunlight color fading.

There are different grades of sealant, so make sure you ask your Virginia concrete contractor what they use and how often you should reapply it to protect the stamped concrete surface. Don't use a cheap sealer or you'll be resealing again every year.

Get your stamped concrete inspected by an experienced concrete contractor

An experienced commercial concrete contractor who installs and repairs stamped concrete in Virginia can help you keep it in good shape. Once damage occurs, it's important to get it fixed quickly or moisture exposure under the surface will deteriorate the surface more quickly. A yearly inspection by an experienced professional will uncover problems before they turn into costly repairs.

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