Curbs, Gutters and Dumpster Pads for Virginia

SJW Concrete is a leader in Virginia curb, gutter, and dumpster pad installation. We have proven systems for all types of concrete installations.

virginia curbs, gutters and dumpster padsConcrete Curbs

Concrete curbs can be either cast-in-place or extruded.  Extruded curbs are placed on top of the asphalt after paving is completed.  While not as durable as cast-in-place concrete, extruded curbing is very cost-effective, especially when adding curbing to existing parking lots.


SJW offers a full range of curb and gutter forming products. Our straight curb and gutter forms are used primarily to form traffic barriers and direct water to sewers, culverts or ditches. Water can be directed away from the curb (out flow), or towards the curb (in flow) depending on the curb and gutter configuration.

Dumpster Pads

Because dumpsters are emptied frequently a concrete dumpster pad is a better option than asphalt. The rigid surface of concrete provides load distribution across a wide area, reducing the stress on the soil beneath to an acceptable level of displacement.

From new construction to renovation or consolidation we focus on craftsmanship, timeliness and budget requirements. SJW combines professional management with leading-edge equipment on our projects. Our crews are experienced and responsive which is why we continue to be the best choice for all of your industrial needs.

Benefits of Working With SJW:

  • FREE Commercial and ADA Design Service
  • One of a few area companies qualified to build ADA compliant ramps, barriers, etc
  • Premium Quality Work, Always
  • Second to none customer service
  • Customer Saving through our Service Partners Program
  • No sales people.  Meet with people that know what they are talking about.
  • SJW delivers quality concrete work all over the East Coast.

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