Concrete Sidewalks in Virginia

Concrete Sidewalks

Are your business's sidewalks safe? If they are starting to crumble, or if they have become displaced and uneven, they could be a serious hazard - and even a legal liability. Let the professionals at SJW Concrete install a new concrete sidewalk or replace a cracked walk you currently have.

Concrete Ramps

All SJW Concrete ramps are built for ADA complaince. Safety and functional concerns are the reasons why concrete ramps are generally more preferable than those composed of other materials. The nature of concrete and its surfacing makes it a much better choice, as wooden or metal ramps tend to be slippery and take-on the hot or cold surrounding them – particularly amid the extreme weather conditions of Summer and Winter.

Parking Lots

Although asphalt provides many benefits and has practical applications, there are certain situations where concrete is preferable because it can be installed with more precision. Concrete can also provide a more cost-effective solution to infrastructure challenges. Concrete is often used in areas where heavy traffic require a building material that can withstand excess weight and frequent use periods. Concrete is also an environmentally friendly building material, as it contains no toxic byproducts and provides a long lifespan. Also, it does not hold heat in the same manner as asphalt, keeping our city centers cooler.

Concrete Sidewalk Photos:

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