Why Decorative Concrete Delivers Great Value

One thing that stands out in our economy is the fact that everyone is looking for a value, a way or means of making their dollars go further. This rings true whether you're purchasing daily consumables for the business or planning a construction project. Those of us in the decorative concrete industry have known for years that on a construction project, the value of decorative concrete presents itself over and over again, a simple concept called "value engineering."

A primary tenet of value engineering is that basic functions be preserved and not reduced as a consequence of pursuing value improvements, such as reduced costs, an improved final product, and easier maintenance. Decorative concrete has become the logical choice for many construction projects because it delivers great value. Consider these popular applications where decorative concrete offers real benefits in terms of performance, cost savings, and aesthetics:

Interior Flooring

More big-box retailers are choosing decorative concrete as a finished floor as opposed to high-maintenance floor coverings or coverings that can fail due to moisture exposure. Many smaller retailers find that stained concrete floors are not only attractive but also very cost effective. Polished concrete is another popular choice for interior floors, especially in educational and medical facilities, because they create an attractive, light-reflective, easy-to-maintain durable surface.

The decorative concrete advantage:

  • Cost savings by eliminating traditional floor coverings and using the slab on grade as the finished floor.
  • Reduced maintenance and longer service life.
  • Better resistance to moisture and heavy foot traffic.
  • Good light reflectivity.

Green Building

Another area where decorative concrete has proven to be a value to builders and developers is in the implementation of sustainable building practices. Traditional floor coverings often require adhesives that emit VOCs into the atmosphere over time, reducing the indoor air quality. Green building with concrete can contribute to sustainability in other areas as well by providing thermal mass and improving light reflectivity. Light-colored concrete pavements have also been proven to reduce the urban heat island effect by improving solar-reflectivity values.

The decorative concrete advantage:

  • Reduced energy requirements.
  • Conservation of resources. Concrete itself is made primarily from recycled materials and contributes to sustainable building.
  • Better indoor air quality.
Article Source: http://www.concretenetwork.com/concrete/decorative/value.html

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